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Frequency Migration Plan

The purpose of these regulations is to define a Radio Frequency Migration Plan with the aim of managing spectrum efficiently for the benefit of all South Africans terms of section 2(e) of the EC Act, 2005 (Act No. 36 of 2005) as amended ('the Act').

This plan identifies those radio frequency spectrum bands:

  • That will be subject to a feasibility study or a migration process, the details of which will be determined in Radio Frequency Assignment Plan or
  • Which will be under the latest version of the Terrestrial Broadcasting Frequency Plan or
  • Where a change in use is under consideration, but any action is deferred to a future date, e.g. after WRC 15

This Radio Frequency Migration Plan is accordingly a guiding document identifying those bands where migration may take place.

For more information about the Radio Frequency Migration Regulations, see the table below.

Title Publish Date Gazette Number Download
Title Publish Date Gazette Number Download
Radio Frequency Migration Regulations 2013, and Explanatory Document 2013-04-04 36334