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Terrestrial Broadcasting Frequency Plan

The Authority has published a final terrestrial broadcasting frequency plan 2008 in terms of section 30(1) and 34 of the ECA, as an annexure to the National Radio Frequency plan. This document should be read together with the National Radio Frequency Plan. The document is published for the purpose of adding further details to the allotment of broadcasting frequencies, with a specific emphasis on frequencies that will be assigned for digital migration purposes.

The Terrestrial Broadcasting Frequency Plan is aimed at contributing to diversity by amongst other things ensuring audiences have access to different categories of broadcasting services on different technological platforms.

Terrestrial Broadcasting Frequency Plan attempts to give every citizen access to at least one broadcasting frequency assignment for a service in his or her language of choice. In areas of greatest demands, such as Joburg, a greater number of frequency assignments are grouped together to address this need.

Title Publish Date Gazette Number Download
Title Publish Date Gazette Number Download
Draft Terrestrial Broadcasting Frequency Plan 2004 2004-06-11
Final Terrestrial Broadcast Frequency Plan, 2008 2009-11-18 32728
Terrestrial Broadcasting Frequency Plan 2013 2013-04-03 36321