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The purpose of these Regulations is to:

Regulate the digital migration of the existing television channels; Prescribe the conditions for the assignment of channel capacity in Multiplex 1 and Multiplex 2 for the purposes of digital migration and the creation of a platform for DTT; Prescribe the procedure for the authorization of digital incentive channels; and Set the time frames within which the terrestrial television broadcasting service licensees must provide for dual illumination.

For more information about Digital Migration Regulations 2012, see the table below.

Archived Digital Migration Documents:

Title Publish Date Gazette Number Download
Title Publish Date Gazette Number Download
Digital Migration Policy 2008-08-01
Digital Migration Regulations 2010-02-15 32956
Draft Broadcasting Digital Migration Framework Regulations 2008-10-03 31490
Reasons Document on Digital Migration 2010-02-15 32957
Explanatory Memorandum on the Repeal of the Digital Migration Regulations and the publication of the Draft Digital Terrestrial Television Regulations 2011-09-28 34642
Reasons for the Decision to Amend Television Broadcasting Services Licences for the Purpose of Digital Terrestrial Television 2011-05-10
Avusa DTT public presentation to ICASA 2012-05-08
DTT Hearings M-Net supplementary submission 2012-05-08
etv presentation on DTT Regulations 2012-05-08
Supplementary representations on the draft DTT regulations 2012-05-08
Kagiso Oral Presentation on ICASA's Draft DTT Regulations 2012-05-08
MMA - ICASA Digital Presentation 2012-05-08
MMA Submission 2012-05-08
MNET Draft DTT Migration Regulations 2012-05-08
M-NET ICASA DTT Regulations 2012-05-08
Neel Smuts Oral submission by N Smuts on DTT Regulations 2012-05-08
etv final additional information 2012-05-08
Draft DTT Regulations 28-09-2011 2012-05-10
Draft DTT Regulations 03-09-2011 2012-05-10
NYDA Digital Migration Regulations - ICASA presentation 13-03-2012 2012-05-10
SABC Presentation 12-03-2012 2012-05-10
SABC Additional submission 2012-05-10
SENTECH Submission 2012-05-10
SKA Presentation to ICASA at DTT Public Hearings 2012-05-10
SKA Additional submission-signed 14-03-2012 2012-05-10
SOS Draft DTT Regulations 12-03-2012 2012-05-10
Submission on draft DTT Regulations Cape Town 2012-05-10
Tshwane TV DTT Regulations submission 2012-05-10
WOW TV Presentation - Draft DTT Regulations 2012 2012-05-10
WOW TV Additional submission 2012-05-10
Digital Migration Regulations presentation, Dec 2012 2012-12-13
Digital Migration Regulations 2012, Gazette No.36000 2012-12-18 36000
Position Paper on Digital Migration Regulations, 2012 2013-02-20 36170